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Automated calculation of Feynman Diagrams on the Lattice

Summary: FEDILA is a pioneering software solution designed to revolutionize analytic computations of the fundamental forces in the universe. Its design focuses on optimizing computations in the continuum but also in a discreted version of the theory on a spacetime lattice. FEDILA provides a flexible Mathematica package capable of handling a diverse spectrum of renormalization schemes, including a continumm Gauge Invariant Renormalization Scheme, as well as of extracting information from Supersymmetric Theories. This adaptability underlines the project's readiness to calculate Feynman diagrams across various renormalization schemes, for different theories, and for a variety of regularizations, such as dimensional and lattice. The primary goal of FEDILA is the utilization of Graph Theory principles. This intelligently designed methodology offers exceptional efficiency in perturbative computations, simplifying the time-consuming processes of calculations. The development of this software package will enrich our existing set of programs to encompass supersymmetric fields and incorporate features of improved lattice actions, as well as computations of Feynman diagrams beyond one-loop order. Written in the symbolic language Mathematica, the impact of FEDILA extends beyond research methodologies. The automation not only accelerates research processes but also enables professionals to explore different theories in-depth, such as Quantum Chromodynamics, Quantum Electrodynamics, and their supersymmetric versions. Through the automation of complex computations of Quantum Field Theories, FEDILA promotes richer educational experiences, providing researchers with a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of the interaction of the subatomic particles and the properties of composite ones such as baryons, mesons and other supersymmetic theoretical particles.


Proposal Number CONCEPT/0823/0052
Proposal Acronym FEDILA
Funding Research and Innovation Foundation, Cyprus